wild stars

the musings of a wild, wandering girl

this is my journal where i don't have to answer to people, i don't have to worry about what others will think of me, others being people in my life who have known me for since I was much younger and don’t know all there is to know.

I am everything all at once: contradictory, constantly craving and complete. fire and water, old and new, industrial and organic, gentle and strong, calm and rambunctious. all the seasons in one day, all the eras in one lifetime. a tomboy, a girl, a woman. independent yet dependent. tough and sensitive.
*I am searching for the infinite balance between all my elements*

This is a journal in which I can express my spiritual thoughts, wonderings and beliefs. i don't like religion, i think organized religion is pretty unnatural. I enjoy the philosophy and aestetic of Buddhism, and believe that Buddha did reach and enlightened state.
I also feel that we as humans should be very in-tune with the earth we live on and therefore I am semi pagan (but i don't believe in deities.) there is energy around us that we can manipulate in some way. there is something more than what is physical.

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